Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Lookout - Sightings #1

Are you planning a trip to the West Virginia area and would really like to have a lunch or dinner that is unforgetable? You want something "different and memorable", a tasty meal that has "flair and "down-home, authentic goodness?" Well, you have come to the right "Lookout". I am here as the official spokesperson for the Wheeling, WV area. Since I was raised in Brooke County, (about 20 miles from the city line) I believe it is my "duty" to share the "hidden secrets" of the Upper Ohio Valley cuisine.

Today I will introduce you to one great "Rocking Fish Sandwich".

The Centre Market in downtown Wheeling, WV boasts a fish market older than me...yeserie, my Grandpa went to the "Coleman's Fish Market" WAY before this whipper-snapper was born!

In all my "research", I cannot find the year that Coleman's was established. When my brother and I visited there just a few weeks ago, we asked an employee if they sold T-shirts. She laughed and said, "I don't know if they would sell you one or not!" They only had T-shirts for the employees...none for sale for us "patron folk".

Coleman's Fish Market was honored by Goumet Magazine as one of West Virginia's most popular eating establishments. As quoted int he June 2001 issues....FILLET UP-A visit to the Mounting state leads to a surprising discovery: The County's best fish sandwich (tarter sauce not included), By Jane and Michael Stern. Also featured in the book Roadfood as, one of the best restaurants coast to coast. Wow, high praise indeed!

Company Information: Known for its quality fresh fish, friendly historic market atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Try one of their famous fish sandwiches, a shrimp or oyster boat, with a bowl of clam chowder.

Hours of Operation: Mon & Tue 10-5:30,Wed & Thur 9:00-5:30,Fri 8:30-7:00,Sat 9:00-5:30

Do you have a special place you like to eat? Fill me in....I'm all for finding new food establishments....especially the "great, one-of-a-kind" variety.

Wishing you a great day with a fish sandwich in the mix? If you are not close enough to come to WV, maybe you can find a "fish joint" close to you...the only thing, it won't be as good.....I promise!

God santified and WV proud!

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