Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keeping your options open

The more 'days' I see, the more amazed I am! God just "out-does himself" with each new piece of knowledge that I acquire. His wisdom and ways are truly past finding out!

I look at the many types of animals and vegetation, the beauty of the spectrum... the beautiful rainbow peeking through a rainy sky and I am just 'awed' by the complexity and simplicity of our Savior. He just goes above and beyond in everything he does! No wonder we are such complex creatures! In HIS image for sure!!!

How many different types of birds are there? REALLY! Just trying to figure that one out is mind-boggling!

When I met up with some of my friends this past summer for lunch (enjoying some good fish at Coleman's in Wheeling) we all had on reading glasses! I shouldn't be surprised since we are 'women of a certain age'.... and 'no, do not ask...because we will not tell'. I'll just say that we are all within about four years of each other!!! I just have to report that I am on the "younger end of that graph!" :)

There we were, Suzie (who now lives in Texas with her four children and their families!), Me (living in Grantsville, WV), Teresa Glover (living in the Weirton, WV) and Michele Forsythe (my sister-in-law who lives in Wheeling, WV).

We had such fun laughing and catching up!

As we all had out glasses laying on the table, it was the opportune moment to get the picture I took above. Each of us had such different tastes in colors and design.

Take Michele, pictured above... she "color coordinates" her glasses with her attire. I so love that! You will find her wearing striped, polka-dotted or brightly colored glasses to accent her wardrobe.

This just brings to mind all the ways that God opens up his pot of "endless opportunities" to us. He has so many options for us to enjoy in this life! Some will choose solids, others stripes and others may select a rainbow of colors!

We follow HIS his path and leading, but HE allows us joy along the way. Don't forget to look for it! What makes you laugh? A child at play? What gives you satisfaction? Calling a shut-in or visiting an elder? What makes you smile? Doing something extra special for those you love? Reaching out with his love with your hands.... many possibilities...

God's loving attributes can be obtained in many ways.... keep your options open!

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