Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Postcards from Heaven

While I was "antiquing" with my wonderful Minnesota girlies (Lori & Greyley), it gave me a chance to look through some wonderful old postcards. Not only were there STACKS of them available (I'm talking hundreds in a couple different antique malls), there were some REALLY OLD ones! Not only were the post dates (1909, 1914, and more) fun to look at, but the one cent stamps were interesting too!

Some of the postcards were from places... cities, towns... just like the most common ones we send out today from vacation spots to let those we know back home how much fun we are having! (You know, all the 'bragging' and sympathy remarks... "Wish you were here!" LOL)

Some were actual Christmas Cards... so beautifully illustrated.

I remember years ago looking at pictures of my Grandfather's family put on postcards. Oh, how lovely they are! (You know the ones, where everyone is dressed in their Sunday best and NEVER smiled! right? :D)

So, to all the "Post Card Lovers" out there, let's share something today... a little bit of encouraging, hope, faith and love. Get you out some cards, postcards, stationery, whatever you have... and send out some 'connections' to someone today! Reconnect.

I have been meditating on the feeling of self-pity. You know the best way to 'kick the blues'? Just reach out to someone else... when you are sending all that kindness, your self-pity will disappear.

Jesus sends out love letters to us... old ones (in his WORD), constant ones (the preaching of his WORD) and the NOW ones..... when someone uses their hands and hearts like HIS! I love when I feel his touch... through someone sending me some "Postcards from Heaven".

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